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1 December, 2011

First ever tweeted climate treaty celebrates small ideas

Small Climate Summit results in 10 seductive 'nudge' inspired energy solutions.
The outcome of todays Small Climate Summit in Amsterdam is an crowdsourced climate agreement. The treaty (image) consisting 10 tweets with small solutions to the energy challenge was instantly shared with the world via twitter. Designers, behavioural experts and entrepreneurs developed an agreement of their own in collaboration with online followers. The experimental mini-summit was organised by Dutch NGO Hivos to celebrate small ideas as opposed to big promises. 


Small Climate Summit results in 10 seductive 'nudge' inspired energy solutions

Watch the recording of the livestream


The first ever crowdsourced treaty: quicker than Durban

The small venue of the mini-summit housed only forty attendees. Nevertheless, it drew a wide audience. Followers watched a livestream on Facebook and tweeted suggestions of which the best were added to the treaty. This outcome was presented a full week before the end of the the official Climate Summit (COP17) in Durban. If only diplomats were as fast as twitterati.

Read the 10 powerful small ideas of the first ever tweeted treaty.


The Light Gun

"To make it fun to turn of lights by shooting them, @Mirte" read the tweet of Interaction Designer Mirte Becker and her team of gaming students. She demonstrated a prototype of 'the Light Gun' by firing on the spot. Hurting nobody, not even a lightbulb. "When will it hit the shelves" was the number one question afterwards.

Find out more about the Light Gun here, including test-video's.


A video message by Rory Sutherland that goes beyond persuasion

"Use brands as both lubricant and lever for behavioral change." Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy UK, famous for his TED and insights in behavioral economics, addressed the attendees of the Small Climate Summit with a motivational message. "Persuasion is in many ways a crappy form of seduction, persuasion is when you get people to do something slightly against their better judgement. Seduction is what is this has to be about."

Watch Rory's video message here.


It has begun: the energy nudge epidemic

The Small Climate Summit is part of the Seduction Project, by Hivos, a series of experiments conducted by Hivos. The objective is to save energy with smart interventions that influence behaviour, inspired by the nudge concept and behavioural economics. It aspires to incite decision makers, ranging from CEO's to consumers, to adapt the best ideas for evoking better energy choices.

Read the best of #scs tweets

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Rory Sutherland - Small Climate Summit

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Energie besparen met alleen een rol tape?

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Experiment #2


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